Both adults and children always have an inexplicable love for wool knitting because the colorful and soft texture of the wool not only brings warmth, but even weaves more beautiful fairy tale colors for our ordinary life. So, take advantage of now, pick up the wool with us to warm up and move around the house!

The first thing you need to learn to knit is to be familiar with what the various types of wool are and which wool varieties are suitable for knitting the sweater you want. Here we will introduce you to what kinds of wool, and hope that it will be helpful for friends who are beginning to learn how to knit wool.

According to the material of wool: wool, cotton, acrylic, silk four kinds.

By the type of wool: mohair, standard yarn, gold and silver yarn, feather yarn, imitation wool yarn, looped yarn, chenille yarn.

By the thickness of the wool: very fine, slightly fine, medium fine, slightly coarse, normal coarse, very coarse, super coarse.

There are many uses for wool, such as knitting wool socks, knitting dustproof cloth (used on TV), knitting gloves, knitting preparation bags, knitting cell phone bags, but also wool shoes, can be used to make wool balls, wool hats, hook wool slippers, wool knitting pumpkins, wool scarves, wool gloves, can be used to crochet mats, such as coasters, foot mats and so on.

How to choose a good wool: we have to see if the wool line stem is plump, even, round and smooth, and if the twist is appropriate. Not loose, not tight, hand grasping soft for good quality wool. We need to see whether the color head is correct, the luster is good, and whether there are color spots and color differences.

A good quality yarn is one that has a good color head, good luster, consistent color, and no color spots and color differences. To see how many joints of wool. Generally speaking, the production of a single yarn joint is allowed, but not more than the standard, a small skein (50g) allowed a joint, a large (250g) allowed three joints. Beyond this standard, the quality of wool should be reduced. Therefore, the wool joint less should be said to be good quality wool.

At the same time we should also pay attention to the wool should not stick and hanging felt. To see the weight. Generally speaking, coarse wool is half a pound a handful, that is, 250g; knitting wool 2.5 two handfuls, that is, 125 grams. The weight of the sufficient wool quality.

Mention of wool has to mention the sweater, sweater knitting history is very long, human beings in the original life of the use of leaves, animal skins to shelter, and then gradually developed, the emergence of textiles. The earliest hand-knitted sweater should come from the ancient nomadic tribes of shepherds' hands. One day, the north wind is tightening, the day is almost cold, a certain shepherd, no felt made clothes can be cold, he found a few branches, trying to find ways to knot the wool in his hands into a piece, a can be wrapped in the body to protect the cold, around and around, he finally found the trick, so there will be later sweater.How about it, do you think it is very interesting, then let's do it together!