In Korea, traditional standards of beauty require women to spend a great deal of time each day applying makeup and skincare in order to achieve the traditional, or popular, standard of "beauty. In fact, most countries in the world, not just Korea, have certain standards for women's appearance, and this has led women to use a variety of ways to meet the public's aesthetic requirements, such as medieval corsets, ancient Chinese foot-binding cloths, Korean plastic surgery, and cosmetics in response to various aesthetic requirements. Makeup is being integrated into our lives, and it is no longer about gender. Makeup brings not only a change in appearance, but also a deeper connotation.

Standard makeup steps:

I. Makeup preparation

1、Cleansing: choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type to wash your face

2、moisturizer: according to your skin type, choose a suitable moisturizer for yourself. For example, skin tightening water, skin softening water, etc.

3、skin care: choose the right cream for their own. It is often said that the application of incense. Of course, if we have the conditions before applying the cream, apply some serum and other skin care products

4、pre-makeup milk: can play a rapid improvement in skin quality of the lotion, such as oil control milk, whitening milk, moisturizing milk, silky milk ...... and so on. It is usually chosen to have the effect of pore size makeup pre-milk

Second, the base makeup

1、isolation: according to their preferences to choose cream or isolation lotion, can isolate makeup, radiation, etc.. Often face the computer in the daily care of office workers must not forget this step

2、repair face: can modify their own skin color repair milk or foundation. Dark skin tone, choose wheat color; yellow skin tone, choose mauve; white skin tone, choose light green.

3、concealer: according to the situation of their own face using concealer, concealer, concealer cream, etc., to their face to modify. The main thing is to cover the dark circles, acne and other facial flaws. To focus on drawing eye makeup comrades, you can also apply a little eye primer before concealing.

4、powder: Do not think that foundation and powder are the same thing. The use of powder is to "change" the shape of the face, not to modify the skin tone. When makeup, you need to use at least 2 kinds of powder, a dark color a light color.

5、set makeup: set makeup can use powder or loose powder, from the eyes, nose, chin and other parts of the easy to take off makeup to set makeup.

A philosopher has said that beauty is a woman's pursuit of a lifetime career. For beauty and "makeup", of course, there are some utilitarian purposes, but ultimately is to enjoy themselves.

When we no longer need to make up for how people and how things, we still in a sunny morning, in front of the makeup table halo a peach and willow green, to give themselves a beautiful mood. At this time, we know that beauty is the ultimate value of life, we create beauty, enjoy beauty, only for ourselves.