Almost everyone has a racing dream in his heart. Cool, dazzling is always synonymous with racing. In the roar of the engine to release their own, appreciate the speed and passion, this is the ultimate stimulation brought to people by racing.

In the field, we put on a racing suit, wearing a professional helmet, driving a single race car under the seat, galloping across the track, pressure bends, racing, floating, adrenaline in the eyes of many people, karting is only occasionally seen in amusement parks such as bumper cars for children to play entertainment tools. However, the inclusion of competitive sports karting, can completely overturn all our previous impressions related.

Karting is a traditional sport of athletics, the most elementary form of Formula One racing in the world, and the cradle of all Formula One drivers. Karting also has the fashionability of being a trendsetter, pursued and aspired to by the younger generation. Most importantly, karting is also popular for all people, simple to control, safe and convenient, and easy for men, women and children to learn.

The simple structure of karts is a must for an introduction to racing, and in the careers of many drivers, karting is an important part of what they must go through as teenagers.In the same amount of driving time, the driving skills learned by driving a kart far exceed those learned by choosing to practice in a street car.

Karting is very sensitive to any driving input, and any small movement of the hands and feet will change the body dynamics. So driving a go-kart can learn how to drive more smoothly.

Britain is the earliest and most mature country in the development of motor sports, and plays a very important role in the history of the development of motor sports in the world. It has given birth to some of the best races and has produced many champion drivers and team manufacturers. In terms of driving, construction, engineering, design, marketing, and the grasp of business opportunities and influence in the world, the UK has achievements that no other country can match. And naturally, the British karting system is quite well developed.

When ordinary people first come into contact with karting, regardless of driving skills, everyone will feel the fun of driving.What equipment should be prepared to play karting?Helmets, racing suits, racing shoes, face masks, gloves. A proper set of equipment will also help entry-level drivers to improve their karting performance.Since we want to practice karting seriously, it is essential to have a suitable set of safety equipment, in addition to a car that suits our needs.

Recreational karting also does not require much driving skills for players, and does not require a car license. After our driving skills reach a certain level, we can try some competitive models. In competitive models, we can improve our overall car control, car rescue ability and track awareness. As our karting driving skills continue to improve, we can slowly try to participate in CKC and other karting events, We believe these competitions will be able to make us love driving more.