Jelly candy is a special kind of candy. It is not as hard as hard candy and melts in your mouth like jelly. It has a sweet and sour taste, and there are many skills in its production, otherwise it will be difficult to make. Perfect result.

The raw material recipe includes the following. For the first group, prepare 30 kg of water, 0.40 kg of sodium citrate and 0.37 kg of citric acid. The second group, 1.5 kg of pectin and 5 kg of sugar. The third group, 46 kg of sugar and 30 kg of glucose syrup. The fourth group, 0.37 kg of citric acid, obtained a total weight of 100 kg of gummies.

First, put the water in group 1 into a heating pot, then add sodium citrate and citric acid. Heat and stir to completely melt and keep at about 60°C. Next, dry and mix the pectin powder and sugar in the two groups evenly in advance to avoid sticking and forming agglomerates, and add this mixture to the above acid solution. Third, slowly heat the material to boiling and keep boiling for 2 minutes until the pectin is completely dissolved. Fourth, add the sugar in the 3 groups to the pectin solution, heat it to boiling and melt it, then add the glucose syrup to make it completely miscible. Fifth, boil this material to a concentration of 78% (measured by refraction). Sixth, the citric acid in the 4 groups was pre-dissolved with an equal amount of water, and the boiled solution was added, and the required pigment solution was added and mixed evenly with the spices. At this time, the overall pH value was about 3.5. Finally, this material is moved to the moulding machine. Inject starch molds or molds of ceramic, metal, plastic, etc., until coagulation takes shape.

In addition to jelly fudge, jelly is also liked by many people. Jelly is a sweet, semi-solid form made from edible gelatin with water, sugar, and fruit juice. Also known as jelly, it is crystal clear in appearance, bright in color and soft in taste. Jelly also contains puddings. Jelly has rich flavors, including peach pulp jelly, orange-flavored jelly, tangerine pulp jelly, lemon-flavored jelly, and blueberry pulp jelly.

It is very simple to make juice jelly, which requires 20g of agar, juice (100mL), fruit and 500mL of water according to personal taste. First, soak the agar in cold water for half an hour, second, heat and stir with 500ML water until the agar is completely melted, then pour in the juice and stir well. Fourth, cut the fruit into small pieces and put it in a small cup. Fifth, pour the prepared agar water into a small cup and put it in the refrigerator until it solidifies.