The 2022 Fun Wildlife Photography Awards have announced the winners, with Jennifer Hadley's photo of a lion cub crashing into a tree taking top honors this year.

The 3-month-old lion cub was fine despite the failed attempt to get down the tree. Hadley filmed the fun moment in Tanzania.

"It was probably the first time he was in a tree and he decided to just go for it," the photographer said. After the misfortune of being blindsided, the little lion instinctively managed to right its position in the air and landed safely on all fours.

The Fun Wildlife Photography Awards is an annual competition that finds the funniest nature photography that celebrates the lighter side of life and raises awareness for conservation efforts.

The competition is organized in partnership with the Whitley Fund, a UK-based conservation organization. Back in October, the organizers announced the shortlist.

It's not just the lion cubs, but the award also recognizes winners in a range of categories, including photos of a winking owl and a "smiling" fish, among others.

The People's Choice Award also went to Hadley for her lucky photo of two penguins. Two penguins are standing far away on the beach, one is looking into the distance, the other is looking up, and one of them is raising its wings as if rejecting the other.

All are worth a look, as they testify to the joys that can be found in nature and serve as a reminder of why it is so important to protect our world and the creatures that live in it.

Fun Wildlife Photography Award

The Fun Wildlife Photography Award was created in 2015. Professional photographers, and conservationists Paul Joyceon Hicks and Tom Sulam created this award with the main purpose of discovering those who are funny, warm, simple animal photos, through such a funny and interesting way of expression, enhance the public's awareness of the protection of wild animals and their habitats.

The award has been loved by people since its creation and is known as the annual competition for "comedy artists" in the animal kingdom.

In this unique "comedy contest" in the animal world, those cute animals show their skills, show their funniest side, and become wonderful moments of joy under the photographer's lens.

Every year It will bring endless joy to millions of viewers around the world.

How can a novice photographer take interesting wildlife photos?

1. Be patient

You can't predict the behavior of wild animals in wildlife photography, and you can't ask wild animals to pose. By studying animals before you shoot them, you will learn to predict their behavior and learn about their habits.

Of course, it takes hours, sometimes days, of patience to get the perfect shot. But when you snap that photo, you realize the wait was worth it.

2. Choose a reliable camera

Of the majority of cameras on the market, only a few can withstand the rigors of wildlife photography, and a weatherproof DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses is recommended.

3. Learn to protect yourself and your device

Even if your equipment is built to withstand all weather conditions, extra protection won't be superfluous. Keep some spare waterproof covers handy in case of a sudden downpour or spray. To protect yourself from the elements, choose clothing and shoes that are appropriate for the climate and location.