Will you give away your long-standing cat? Did you know that once the cat is given away, these serious consequences are most likely to occur, and you cannot afford it?

1. The cat cannot adapt to the new home

Cats are different from dogs in that they don't like unfamiliar environments, so they usually don't like to go out and prefer to stay at home. If you give away a cat that has been raised for a long time, it will be difficult for it to adapt to the new environment and new home.

Most cats who are given away will have a stress response. Mild cases of vomiting and diarrhea, and severe cases may result in death. Can you afford such serious consequences?

2. The cat is very resistant to the new owner

Many people say that cats are cold, but in fact, they are just slow-warmed and their emotions are more restrained.

When a cat gets along with its owner for a long time, it will gradually fall in love with the owner and is reluctant to leave the owner.

If you give the cat away at this time and let it recognize a stranger as its owner at once, it will definitely not be able to accept it. Moreover, the cat may also think that it is the reason that the former owner will leave. This will make the cat more resistant to the new owner. The cat can't adapt to the new home. Is this the consequence you want to see?

3. The cat becomes very sad

In fact, cats really love their owners. If they know that they have been given away, they will think that they are abandoned by their owners.

The feeling of being abandoned is not good, and cats may also feel depressed because of this, and feel sad every day.

Cats may also become withdrawn, sensitive, and difficult to get along with. And such consequences may also cause the cat to be transferred again, or even be abandoned directly.

4. Cats find humans untrustworthy

Cats are inherently vigilant animals and will not trust others easily. But if you loved it very much before and took good care of it, the cat will gradually fall in love with you and trust you.

And when the cat trusts you, you give it away, which will make the cat feel that you have easily betrayed the relationship between you, and humans are untrustworthy.

The cat that was given away may no longer trust humans. Can you afford the consequences?

5. Cats compare old and new owners

In fact, cats have a concept of their owners and have their own fixed way of remembering. If the cat has experienced two owners, then the new and old owners will definitely be compared, but it is undeniable that the former owner has a relatively deep influence on it, which will also make the new owner feel embarrassed and feel that the cat is not familiar with it.

The relationship between the cat and the new owner is not good, and both the new owner and the cat are unhappy. Is the consequence really good?

6. Cats looking for former owners

Some cats are more stubborn. If they are given away, they will not accept it and find it incredible, so they may want to ask the previous owner to find out what happened.

So he would find an opportunity to run away from home to find his former owner.

Cats are prone to accidents when they go out alone. For example, a car accident, being caught by someone, being injured by a mousetrap, etc. No matter what the situation is, the cat will not end well.

In fact, most cat owners love cats very much, and they will not give away cats unless they have to. They gave away the cats because they wanted the cats to live better lives.

Will you be with your cat all the time?