Most of you who have thought about myopia surgery, even without too much in-depth research, have heard about another option for high myopia - ICL lens implantation

What is ICL lens implantation?

ICL lens implantation is a minimally invasive procedure to implant an artificial corrective lens into the eye. It corrects the patient's refractive status and is an "additive correction" that is non-invasive to the cornea.

Who is more suitable for ICL lens implantation?

For patients with too high a degree of myopia or too thin a cornea.

For those patients for whom laser myopia surgery is not suitable, ICL lens implantation can still provide a safe and effective correction.

Still a little worried?

The eye is a very important organ, and after a brief look at ICL IOL implantation, people will still have many questions.

Let's learn more about it.

Will there be any rejection after ICL surgery? --The corrective lens implanted in the ICL procedure is made of a biocompatible material.

It "gets along" with our eyes and has no rejection.

What does "reversible correction" mean? --The implanted lens can be removed through another surgery.

After removal, the patient's eye remains in the same condition as before surgery, with no other effects.

If a myopic patient wishes to have the lens removed or replaced, whether, for a change in myopia or other reasons, it is possible to do so.

Will the lens migrate in the future? --The chance of the lens shifting is very small.

In the event of severe trauma or impact that causes the lens to rotate or shift. Please seek medical attention for adjustment as soon as possible. The eye we need to protect every body part, this is necessary before or after surgery, to protect it well.

We know this knowledge and will be very heartened by the ICL technology.

ICL lens implantation is great, but it is not for everyone.

And it's not a procedure that can be done by just any doctor at any hospital.

After all, surgery on the eye is not a trivial procedure.

If you are interested in having ICL surgery, you should choose your hospital and ICL surgeon carefully.