Whether it is a clean and elegant makeup, or a delicate and charming appearance, makeup is undoubtedly a magical magic to add color to girls! In order to draw the ideal and beautiful makeup, it is necessary to have a practical makeup mirror.

At the same time, looking in the mirror before going out can also remind us to keep smiling. But there are many different types and functions of makeup mirrors on the market, how do we choose the one that suits us?

1. Choose according to size

Because the size of the vanity mirror and the height of the mirror frame will affect the difficulty of viewing facial details and makeup, we must first list the size and height of the vanity mirror as the first focus of investigation.

If you want to draw a perfect makeup look, the most important thing is to be able to see your overall appearance during the makeup process, and then detect the unevenness of the makeup. It is recommended that you can choose a makeup mirror that matches the size of your face.

In addition, a small make-up mirror is the best choice for assisting the face with detailed and delicate makeup. It is recommended that when you use a large makeup mirror to confirm the overall balance of your makeup, you can also use a smaller mirror for eyeliner, eye shadow and other steps, so that you can take into account every detail of your makeup!

2. Choose a makeup mirror with lights

The makeup mirror with light can not only adjust the intensity and color of the light source, but also provide a suitable light source for makeup at any time, saving makeup time. You can also adjust the mirror angle, and even control the light switch with infrared light.

There are two kinds of light sources for general vanity mirrors, one is the more traditional incandescnt light source, and the other is the LED light source.

The first thing to be clear is that both LED light sources and incandescent lamps can simulate natural light. However, due to the different light-emitting principles of the two light sources, the costs are different.

If the incandescent lamp reaches the brightness of sunlight, it will consume more electricity and generate high heat, which makes the makeup process uncomfortable. LEDs have high brightness, energy saving, low heat production, and small shadows, which are very suitable for makeup light sources.

3. Choose a make-up mirror with a magnifying function

This type of makeup mirror can magnify every part of the girl's face, and some with higher magnification can even see pores or fine lines around the corners of the eyes. These can help us deal with the details of makeup.

After choosing the makeup mirror that suits us, we should also pay attention to cleaning and maintenance when using it to make it last longer.

The cleaning of the cosmetic mirror is relatively simple. Generally, wipe the mirror surface with a damp cloth and clean up the dust. If there are some other stains, it can be washed with detergent and then wiped dry.

The maintenance of the cosmetic mirror requires frequent cleaning of dust and keeping the mirror clean and bright. Since it is used for makeup, it is necessary to avoid some makeup splashing on the mirror surface to form smudges. In addition, as a fragile product, the mirror must be protected from strong collisions and scratches with sharps.