To keep the flowers in a vase fresh and beautiful for a longer period, apart from careful care, the right techniques are crucial.

Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you prolong the life and beauty of fresh flowers at home, adding more colors and joy to your life.

1. Use a clean vase: Make sure the vase you use is clean. Thoroughly wash the vase every time you change the water.

2. Cut the stems at an angle: Before placing the flowers in the vase, trim the stems at a 45-degree angle. When flowers are cut from the plant, they form a seal at the "wound" site for self-protection. However, this seal can hinder water absorption and promote bacterial growth. Cutting the stems at an angle reopens the seal, removes bacteria, and ensures proper water uptake, thus prolonging the freshness of the flowers.

3. Remove lower leaves: Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline in the vase. Leaves submerged in water don't significantly contribute to photosynthesis and can decompose, promoting bacterial growth that shortens the lifespan of your flowers. Trimming these leaves ensures cleaner water and longer-lasting blooms.

4. Arrange flowers strategically: After placing the bouquet in the vase, arrange the flowers strategically to allow them breathing space.

5. Feed the flowers: Add appropriate flower preservatives. You can choose professional flower preservatives according to the instructions. Different flowers may require specific preservatives. Adding preservatives serves two main purposes: disinfection and nourishment. Remember not to add too much; a few drops are sufficient.

6. Avoid ethylene-producing items: Keep flowers away from vegetables and fruits as they release ethylene, which accelerates flower wilting.

7. Change the water: Remember to change the water in the vase every two to three days. Keep the water level in the vase at about one-third of its height to allow the stems to breathe.

Avoid letting the water completely dry out as it can affect the flowers' longevity. If the water level decreases, remove wilted flowers, trim the stems, and replenish the water promptly. If the water becomes cloudy, indicating bacterial growth and clogged stem capillaries, change the water immediately and trim the stems accordingly.

By paying attention to these details and techniques, you can prolong the freshness and beauty of flowers at home. With careful nurturing and proper management, let's make our lives more vibrant and colorful. May each flower in your life bloom with the brightest smile and warmest emotions.