The contemporary fast-paced lifestyle has become a prevailing trend in pursuing personal development.

However, this rapid pace has brought about challenges for young individuals, leading to issues such as insomnia and other health concerns.

Work pressures and various stressors often result in late bedtimes or early mornings, leaving many with only three to four hours of sleep daily.

This inadequate rest prevents them from entering a deep sleep state, negatively impacting their mental health throughout the day. How can we address these sleep problems effectively?

The answer lies in some nutritious and delicious fruits and emitting fragrances that can help improve sleep when placed at the bedside. Using scents to regulate physiological functions is known as "odor therapy," a practice with a long history.

Recent research has discovered that aromatic molecules can interact with human olfactory receptors, initiating a series of chemical reactions that impact the brain's limbic system, responsible for emotions. Different odors play distinct roles in this process.

The peel of citrus fruits, including oranges, kumquats, lemons, and grapefruits, harbors "limonene."

This compound activates the brain, triggering alpha brain waves, promoting relaxation, and aiding sleep promotion.

When inhaled before bedtime, the scent of oranges has a calming effect on the mind and is often used to alleviate frustration and anxiety. If experiencing nighttime coughing or difficulty sleeping due to poor lung health, consuming a few orange petals can help quench thirst, benefit the lungs, and promote better sleep.

Grapefruit aroma, when perceived through the sense of smell, reaches the nerve center, eliminating brain fatigue and soothing boredom to facilitate sleep.

Additionally, its fragrance accelerates lymphocyte detoxification, effectively alleviating stress-induced fat accumulation from late-night work.

Inhaling the aroma of lemons at night creates a comfortable and serene atmosphere, facilitating a quick transition into sleep.

Studies have indicated that the scent of lemons promotes the production of 5-hydroxytryptophan, enhancing feelings of happiness while reducing the levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine, thus calming the mood.

Limonene, found in lemons, has demonstrated anxiety-reducing effects in aromatherapy studies and is commonly used to extract essential oils.

To improve insomnia, consider placing these three fruits by your bedside:

1. Orange: Known for its ability to regulate qi, remove dryness, induce dampness, dissolve phlegm, and relieve cough, its aroma promotes a peaceful state of mind. It is commonly used to calm frustration and anxiety.

2. Lemon: Inhaling its fragrance at night induces comfort and tranquility, promoting a swift entry into the sleep state. Lemon's scent can enhance happiness and reduce stress hormone levels, contributing to a calm mood.

3. Grapefruit: The aroma, sensed through smell, reaches the nerve center, eliminating brain fatigue and relieving boredom, ultimately achieving restful sleep. The fragrance also expedites lymphocyte detoxification, effectively addressing stress-induced fat accumulation from late-night work.