The blue sky and white clouds, the beauty of cattle and sheep in the grass, nature has brought us too much beauty. In different seasons, grasslands have different beauty. How do we record this beauty?

Today, I will share with you a few methods of grassland photography, I hope it will help you.

1. Shoot with a wide angle.

Shooting grassland with a wide angle can get a wider effect and make the picture more imposing. You can use the wide-angle effect of the mobile phone itself, or you can install a mobile phone clip-type wide-angle lens for shooting.

2. High-angle overlooking the big picture, low-angle shooting details.

3. Lakes are the eyes of the grasslands, and rivers are the nerves of the grasslands.

Catch them, and you will capture the charm of the grassland.

Consciously arranging wide lakes, meandering rivers, etc. into the picture can not only beautify the composition, enrich the tones, but also give people a sense of vitality.

4. Make sure the picture is brightly colored.

The core of photographing the vast grassland is the grasp of color and lines. In terms of color, you can use the smooth light to shoot, so that the color saturation of the picture is higher.

5. Mainly grassland, less white clouds and blue sky.

In order to highlight the grassland, the horizon is placed above the picture, so that the blue sky and white clouds occupy less space, which can not only enrich the picture, but also make the main body of the grassland more prominent.

6. Prospect and long-term contrast.

Shooting animals on the grassland can make the grassland full of life. The flock in the foreground echoes the flock in the background in the distance, creating a dynamic picture effect.

7. Light and shadow of undulating lines.

When shooting the undulating light and shadow of the grassland, it is best to choose early morning or dusk, the light is soft, and when the light angle is low, it is easier to obtain soft undulating lines and light and shadow effects with strong contrast between light and dark.

8. Cattle and sheep on the grassland.

Cattle and sheep are the protagonists on the grassland. When shooting grassland scenery, on the endless grassland, white sheep, dark horses, cows, etc. will add vitality to the picture.

When photographing large groups of animals, choose a high angle. When there are not many sheep on the ground, a low-angle shot should be used instead.

Find a pure land and take pictures of beautiful scenery.