The only mammal in the genus Panda, its body color is black and white. It has round cheeks, big dark circles, a chubby body, the iconic walking style of the inner eight characters. It is one of the cutest animals in the world.

The black-and-white appearance of pandas is helpful for hiding in the trees and snow-covered ground in the dense forest and is not easy to be discovered by natural enemies. Relatively sharp claws and well-developed and powerful front and rear limbs are beneficial for giant pandas to quickly climb tall trees.

Giant pandas have thick skin, up to 10 mm at the thickest point. The thickness of the skin on different parts of the body is different. The back of the body is thicker than the ventral side, and the outer side of the body is thicker than the inner side of the body. The average thickness of the skin is about 5 mm, and the color is white and elastic and tough.

The giant panda's vision is extremely underdeveloped. This is because giant pandas live in dense bamboo forests for a long time, the light is very dark and there are many obstacles, which makes their vision very short-sighted. In addition, because its pupils are longitudinally split like a cat. Therefore, when night falls, they are still active.

Giant pandas are good at climbing trees and love to play. The act of climbing trees is generally a way for the weak to avoid the strong when approaching a marriage proposal, or to avoid danger, or to meet each other. Pandas sometimes go down to valleys, enter small villages or houses in mountain villages, treat pots, pots and buckets, especially round utensils as toys, and discard them in the mountains after playing. Sometimes they are friendly with domestic livestock such as sheep and pigs, and they eat and live with them.