As a fashionable and elegant sport and entertainment, equestrian has been popular all over the world for more than a century. Today, although the development of science and technology continues to enrich the spiritual life of human beings, equestrianism is still prosperous with its unique charm.

In horseback riding, your attention is highly concentrated, all the bones and muscles of your whole body, as well as all internal organs are in a state of movement involuntarily, your excess fat can be consumed, and the muscles of various parts can be strengthened, that is to say, The magic of it is that it can make the place where the meat grows stronger and the part that loses the meat lose weight, especially for the chest, abdomen, buttocks and thighs, etc. It is the best bodybuilding exercise.

There are many kinds of equestrian skills, including riding skills, skills to prevent slipping while riding, and skills of horse body language. The key to riding is the center of gravity. As long as you learn to adjust the center of gravity, you will be at ease. Otherwise, not only will you not ride well, but your back will also hurt. This requires careful experience. Change the pace, and experience the change of tempo more. When you are in tune with the horse, you can truly experience the fun of riding.

There are two keys to riding a horse, one is the self-problem, that is, mastering the balance, and the other is the ability to control the horse. The first two are the reins, the second is the body, and the third is the password. The first two are the most important, because shouting in the official competition is deducted.

When you want it to walk after getting on the horse, you can use the lower abdomen to push forward, and at the same time, the reins are slightly loose, because the forward movement of your center of gravity is conducive to the running of the horse. So it will go. If it doesn't go away, you can add another action, which is to tap the horse's belly with your feet. If it doesn't go away, it is recommended that you use a whip.

When your horse runs fast, but can't stop, you start to get nervous and pull the reins hard, but the horse still doesn't listen to you, maybe when it gets angry, it will bow its head abruptly, almost pulling you off the horse . Moving the center of gravity forward is beneficial for the horse to run. This time, we will do the opposite. Lean back slightly to make the center of gravity move back, which will make it uncomfortable to run. Slowly stopped.