Everything in the world has its unique growth characteristics, pear is unique in that it contains a lot of enzymes, especially amylase in its body so the pear has so much fruit juice.

Amylase breaks down the starch contained in pears into sugars, which can be dissolved just like the white sugar we usually see. So, after the sugars inside the pear are dissolved, the cells become soft like deflated balloons. In order to increase vitality, cells have to begin to absorb water to replenish themselves.

At the same time, the Pectinase inside the pear dissolves the pectin that keeps the cells together, and such a growth process makes the pear have so much juice.

The core of a pear is not used by many people because the fiber in the core is very rough and tastes bad.

But the nutrition in the kernel is also very rich, and the effect of moistening the bowels is better. Eating the core of the pear is equivalent to eating the essence of the pear. Therefore, when eating pears, if the taste is not so demanding, it is recommended to eat the core of the pear.

There are many ways to eat pears, and different eating methods have a special effect, eating raw heat-clearing effect is good, and can obviously solve the throat dry itching, and hoarseness symptoms and juice drinking has the effect of moisturizing the throat.

Steaming pears with rock sugar can relieve cough and expectoration and has a good moisturizing and protective effect on the throat.

When buying pears, you need some skills to buy delicious pears.

1. Look at the navel of the pear.

When picking pears, pay attention to the navel, that is, the depression at the bottom of the pear. If it looks deep and smooth around, a regular circle is a better pear. The navel is shallow and not round, followed by the taste.

2. Look at the shape of the pear.

Choose pears that are regular in shape and of good quality. The fruit is well-shaped, juicy, and usually sweet.

Try not to choose irregularly shaped pears. The flesh of such malformed pears is unevenly distributed and there is no feeling when eating them.

This kind of pear usually has rough meat, less juice, a light taste, and even a bitter and astringent taste, and the quality of this kind of pear is poor.

3. Look at the thickness of the pear skin.

If the pear skin looks thick, it is best not to buy it, as the fruit is rough and insufficient in moisture. Should choose the pear that looks like the pear skin is thin, and does not have a scar, such pear quality is better.

The pears with more spots on the surface are not delicious, it is best to choose a smooth and delicate surface, and there is no green part, all yellow is good, it is better to press a stronger pear with your fingers.