The elderly are a group in society that needs care. In life, people think that the elderly only need to take good care of themselves. But when people reach their sixtieth year, they should take part in the exercise.

As long as the exercise method is appropriate, physical fitness will gradually improve through exercise, so that diseases can be better prevented. The most important thing is to choose the exercise that suits you so as not to damage your health.

So what kind of exercise is suitable for the elderly?

1. Jogging

Compared with fast running, jogging is more suitable for the elderly. The elderly consume energy while jogging, promote blood circulation, and are very helpful in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, fatty liver, etc.

But while exercising, you should also pay attention to your own condition, stop if you feel any discomfort, to avoid accidents, and the time should not be too long, half an hour is enough.

2. Take a walk

For the elderly with poor physical conditions, strenuous exercise is not suitable for them, so it is best to take a walk.

Walking in the park, do some simple movements when walking: shake your hands back and forth, and shake your legs, you can also relax your body to achieve the purpose of the exercise.

3. Gymnastics

Simple movements will also exercise all joints of the body. It is these simple and effective actions that can move your muscles and bones.

The elderly can do special gymnastics for the elderly, which are specially tailored for elderly friends.

In addition to exercise, there are also some recommendations about eating.

1. Mangosteen:

Mangosteen is very suitable for the elderly. It has high nutritional value and can supplement a variety of vitamins and minerals for the human body.

The elderly usually eat more mangosteen, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of arteriosclerosis and hyperlipidemia. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

2. Grapes:

Hypertension is a common disease in the elderly. The fruit of grapes contains some trace element potassium, which can promote the excretion of sodium in the human body and reduce high blood pressure.

You can also eat some raisins, which can effectively relieve the symptoms of anemia in the elderly and can also prevent hair loss.

3. Walnuts:

Eating walnuts often makes people strong. It is not only a food for the brain but also a therapeutic agent for neurasthenia.

Elderly people with dizziness, heart palpitations, insomnia and other symptoms can eat some walnuts in the morning and evening, which has the effect of nourishing and treating.

4. Kiwi:

Kiwi fruit contains a large amount of natural sugar alcohol inositol, which can effectively regulate sugar metabolism, regulate intracellular hormones and nerve conduction effects, and has a unique effect on preventing diabetes and depression.

Many elderly people have diabetes, so they can eat.

In addition to fruits, snacks are sometimes essential.

1. Soda biscuits:

If you think ordinary biscuits have too much oil, you can buy soda biscuits, which have much less oil and a relatively light taste. If they are packaged in small packages, they are easier to quantify and are healthier.

2. Nuts:

The nutritional value of nuts is quite high, the protein content is usually 15-25%, not only can supplement dietary fiber, vitamin E and vitamin B group, but also rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and other minerals.

Unsaturated fatty acids account for more than 80% of the fat content and are an important source of essential fatty acids.