Tennis is one of the ball sports. An effective tennis court is a rectangle with a net in the middle, each side of the game occupies one side of the court, and players hit the ball with a tennis racket.

The area of ​​the tennis court shall not be less than 36.6 meters long and 18.3 meters wide. Within this area, the effective tennis court is a rectangular area with a length of 23.77 meters, a width of 8.23 ​​meters for singles and a width of 10.97 meters for doubles. The net columns installed on both sides of the court are used to support the net. The distance between the net columns is 12.80 meters, the distance between the top of the net columns and the ground is 1.07 meters, and the height of the midpoint of the net columns on each side from the ground is 0.914 meters. In tennis courts, the color of the court line is generally white or yellow. All field lines should be between 2.5 cm and 5 cm in width, except for the end line, which can be up to 10 cm wide.

The game ball is yellow, made of a rubber compound, the exterior is evenly covered with wool fibers, and there are no stitches at the seams. The diameter of the ball is 6.35-6.67 cm and the weight is 56.7-58.5 grams.

The rackets are made of wooden rackets, aluminum alloy rackets, steel rackets and composite (nylon, carbon) rackets, and rackets of any material can be used for competition. The hitting surface of the racket must be flat, woven or connected by the upper and lower strings, and its composition format is exactly the same. Each string must be connected to the frame, the total length of the frame and handle should not exceed 73.66 cm, and the total width of the frame should not exceed 31.75 cm.

Playing tennis can improve physical fitness, and can actively mobilize the immune system, enhance immune system function, and improve disease resistance. Improve lung function and increase lung capacity. It can also make the mood completely relaxed, relieve the pressure caused by work, study and disease, and promote physical health. Playing tennis regularly can exercise people's will and improve self-confidence. In addition, playing tennis is a systemic exercise, which can exercise the muscles and ligaments of the whole body, which is conducive to improving and correcting people's standing and sitting posture, and shaping a perfect body. It can also improve people's overall quality, often playing tennis can make people exercise and improve in terms of strength, endurance, speed and flexibility.