The Maine cat has a long history. Its origin can be traced back to 1850 when Maine's trade flourished and a variety of cat breeds were brought to the area.

Among these mixed breeds, the long-haired breed that was best adapted to Maine's harsh climate and to the habits of the local people survived to become the ancestor of today's Maine cats.

Another theory is that the Maine cat's lineage was bred from American farm cats and is a cross between early Angora cats and non-pure shorthair cats.

Influenced by the harsh nature of North America, Maine cats have developed a sturdy and hardy nature. To farm cats are burdened with repelling mice, forming strong bones and muscles.

The Maine cat has a strong body and thick coat and looks similar to the Siberian forest cat, which is also a large-sized breed in the cat category.

They have high ears, large ears, wide eye spacing, and M-shaped tiger spots on the forehead.

The hair is smooth and layered, The hair on the back and legs is long and thick, and the hair on the tail is scattered like feathers. The neck has a fur collar.

Purebred Maine cats must have the characteristics that the eye ring, lips, and paw pads must all be black.

Maine cats have a very wide range of coat colors, with an estimated 60 or more coat patterns.

The Maine Cat first appeared at a cat show in New York in 1895. At that time, the Maine cat made its debut with a beautiful show and became famous in the cat world by winning the bid.

Advantages of Maine cats.

1. Handsome appearance.

Maine cats look elegant, and domineering, with a lion-like kingly style.

2. Gentle character.

The Maine cat is a very considerate and understanding cat, also known as the "gentle giant".

3. Very good physical condition.

Maine cats are strong-boned, sturdy, and muscular, and have a very strong life force.

4. Very loyal.

The Maine cat is a particularly faithful cat that usually does not betray you.

5. Very high intelligence.

Maine cat is a cat with high intelligence, it is not difficult at all for the owner to train it.

Disadvantages of the Maine cat.

1. Large food intake, Maine cats eat very much, and the amount of food is 3 to 4 times of the average cat.

2. High space requirements. Maine cats are not suitable for apartments with small areas. Maine cats are large in size and need a large range of activities. If the space at home is limited, it is not convenient for the cat to walk and jump around, and it is easy to knock down the home furnishings.

3. Maine cats have an amazing amount of hair and are particularly prone to shedding, especially during the changing season. Need to invest a lot of energy to take care of it.

4. The destructive power is greater, and raising a Maine cat requires preparing more and larger cat scratch boards.

5. Snacks, litter, deworming, grooming, medical care, etc. are several times higher than those of ordinary cats.