Moravia is characterized by rolling hills and stunning nature, with historic villages, fairy-tale castles, and enchanting countryside.

In spring, oil paintings come to life here. In winter, there are golden and beautiful wavy fields.

The different landscapes of Moravia throughout the year are particularly beautiful under the lens of the photographer.

This region is known as the Tuscany of the Czech Republic because of the way the hills change and present different landscapes.

Moravia is located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, with an area of more than 20,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 3 million people.

Thanks to the impact of the Danube and Morava rivers, Moravia's topography is mostly plain and hilly, with only some mountainous areas in the northeast at an altitude of about 1,000 meters.

The climate is temperate, with an annual rainfall of more than 700 millimeters, and the soil is very fertile, making it an important production area for crops such as wheat and grapes.

The average annual temperature is 8.3 degrees Celsius, the average summer temperature is 16.7 degrees Celsius and the average winter temperature is minus 1 degree Celsius.

Spring and autumn are the most colorful seasons of the Moravian wilderness and the best time of year to visit. If you visit South Moravia in the summer, be prepared for hot weather and lots of tourists. Fortunately, there are never more tourists here than in Paris or Rome.

It is not a world-famous place, and only a few people know the scenery, which has a similar beauty to that of distant Tuscany, such that you need to go deep into the wilderness on the outskirts of the town to experience it.

Quiet Moravia, like a gentle girl, is different from the brightness of Prague but has its own temperament.

It is the hometown of Milan Kundera, a place full of nature. It has luxurious palaces, vast wilderness, and beautiful gardens, full of Czech-style towns.

The beauty of the landscape attracted many noblemen to build their own palaces in South Moravia, which led to the creation of nearly 100 castles in the region, among which the castle of Lednice is on the World Heritage List.

Breathtaking natural beauty and historical monuments full of stories make the trip not only a visual delight but also a solace for the soul

Moravia is a great place to visit, it is a place with beauty and you can see a lot of natural beauty. The town is extraordinarily nice and rich in local character. If you travel to the Czech Republic, you can't miss Moravia.