For nature lovers, National Parks are one of the best tourist attractions in the UK. Whether it’s walking into a boulevard full of fresh air with the morning sun and dew, or setting up camp under a big tree in the middle of the night.

Being in a national park will always make you fascinated by the scenery in front of you and temporarily forget about troubles and stress. Here are the most famous national parks in the UK.

1. Lake District National Park

The British Lake District National Park is located in Cumbria County in the northwest of England. In addition to the Pennines, the highest mountain in the UK, the beautiful canyon Dales, the small towns with simple folk customs, and the rolling coastline, there are 16 sparkling lakes.

Not only is it a picturesque place, it's also a place that has nurtured a rich cultural heritage that has made Britain's literati linger. The works of well-known poets and writers William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter were inspired by this.

Through some sculpture art, stone ruins, and historical houses, the old appearance seems to be reshaped in the mind. This is the best combination of natural history and human history. There is also a produce market here, where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally.

Of course, some handicraft shops and workshops also exist, where you can buy some local-style artworks.

2. Peak District National Park

The Peak District National Park is the "oldest" national park in the UK. It was established in 1951 and is located between the cities of Sheffield and Manchester in central England. Although there is a Peak in its name, there are basically no steep peaks here, but mostly round mountains and limestone faults.

Because of the large area, there will be many different scenery. The Peak region in the southwest is a mix of farmland, woodland and moorland. The lower terrain in the middle has deep valley bottoms, historic forests and rolling farmland. In the north, the terrain is higher and rugged, and the highest peak, Jindisco Peak, is located here, showing a wild style.

The Peak District was used by Jane Austen as the backdrop for the main scenes in the novel Pride and Prejudice, and the Pemberley Manor in the novel was based on Chatsworth, a grand mansion near the town of Bakeville.

In 2005, based on this novel, the film version was completed, and the filming was carried out in this manor at that time.

3. Exmoor National Park

Exmoor is located in the South West of England and covers an area of 276 square miles. Although not as large as the previous ones, Exmoor has a very wide view. Standing on the open lawn, you can see the coastline and towering cliffs in the distance.

Exmoor used to be a hunting area and farm for the royal family, and because of this, you can get up close and personal with many small animals in Exmoor. For example, herds of red deer, foals, gorgeous butterflies, strange birds, and maybe there will be little lizards by the creek.

In addition, you can also go boating, rafting, fishing, horse riding, etc. The rich outdoor activities are especially suitable for a few friends to have fun.

4. New Forest National Park

The "New Forest" New Forest is located in the south of England and covers an area of 220 square miles. Here you can choose to take a walking tour, or stroll through the woods on a white horse, or ride a bicycle to enjoy the shady scenery.

There are also a lot of small animals in New Forest. If you walk by the tree, don't forget to observe all kinds of potential small insects.

5. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Located in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in West Wales, it covers an area of 243 square miles and is popular for its narrow coastline and sweeping sea views. If you are lucky, you can also see baby seals resting ashore and various rare birds when walking along the coast.

In addition, there are outdoor sports such as fishing and sea boating.