People spend about one-third of their lives in sleep.

The quality of sleep has a direct impact on one's mental state as well as health.

Therefore, the importance of a good night's sleep is not to be underestimated.

And the pillow as everyone in the time of sleep are indispensable partners, to play a key role in the quality of one's sleep is good or bad.

1. Do not choose too soft pillow, because it is easy to cause deformation.

Difficult to maintain a normal height, which ultimately leads to the inability to support your cervical spine.

2. Also do not choose too hard pillow.

3. The pillow should not be too high or too low, easy to damage the cervical spine.

4. The position of the pillow should be pillowed on the head and neck, and then not more than the shoulders.

5. Do not pillow only half of the pillow, and do not not pillow pillow.

The more common types of pillow fillings on the market are as follows.

1. Easy to clean ordinary man-made fibers

This filler made of chemical fiber cotton wool, easy to wash, even available in the washing machine, you can also use the vacuum compression bag compression storage, and cheap.

However, chemical fiber wool is not very breathable, with a long time easy to ball clumping, thus lacking flexibility, life will also become shorter.

2. High technology content hollow fiber

Hollow fiber is a product of high technology, is a composite material, poor breathability in the ordinary man-made fibers throughout one to several pores.

So that each fiber is able to store more air.

Pillows made with this filler, in terms of resilience, warmth, fluffiness and service life have been significantly improved.

Due to the difference in materials and additives, some also have health and medical functions.

3. Allergic people can also use latex filler

Latex is the use of natural rubber by the "foam" process a molding and made of filling materials.

As it comes from pure natural materials, non-toxic and tasteless, no adverse effects on the human body.

Latex whole piece of structure eliminates the interference of small fibers on the human body, especially suitable for allergic people and asthma patients.

In addition, latex is breathable, not easy to deformation is also easy to shape, to provide more suitable support for the cervical spine.

However, due to the raw material factor, latex pillow price is relatively expensive

Sleeping pillows should be able to keep the cervical spine in good curvature as well as support the soft tissues of the neck and shoulder to minimize joint pressure.

While too small pillows like cylindrical can only keep the neck curvature, but not enough support for the soft tissues.

Patients with cervical spondylosis more neck curvature straightening and soft tissue damage in the neck and shoulder, these are the causes of neck discomfort.

Sleeping pillows, is to make adjustments to the symptoms.

First of all, you can not do without a pillow, no pillow will make the cervical artery at the atlantoaxial joint to form an angle, affecting the arterial blood supply to aggravate the symptoms.

Generally speaking, the material of the pillow should not be too soft or too hard, moderate will be fine.

The height of your fist so high can be, the lower edge of the pillow should be at the first two sections of the thoracic vertebrae.

The upper edge of the pillow should be able to support the head, in order to maintain the neck curve and support the soft tissues of the neck and shoulder, sleeping position is best supine, try not to lie on your side to avoid causing imbalance in the soft tissue on both sides of the cervical spine.

If you are used to moving around when you sleep, it is best to use a special latex shaped neck pillow.